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Pop Locks Fords and Tyler are absolutely heros!! They showed up in almost 30 minutes near Fords branch of PNC Bank & opened my car (1997 Seat ) door with ease! Highly recommend them :-)! @ Kate M. NJ Fords
Abdul from Pop Locks Fords arrived right on time, and I suggested to him "I don't want to bother fixing the lock; can you replace it." He replied back "Hmm, that's a really expensive lock, in the area of $490-660. Are you sure? I think it can be repaired." I decided to let him try to repair it. He identified that the lock was missing a cylinder, and after he pulled the lock apart, he confirmed that this was the problem. He fetched the part from of his case and installed it. The lock is like new ever since. (Minerva P., Ford Avenue Fords )
Locked myself out of my 1998 Opel Corsa near Mechanic Street. Abdul was out in 25 minutes. Super fast and highly acceptable pricing. Great work! Highly recommended !!!! (Jannette N., Mechanic Street NJ Fords)
I was fully taken by surprise from the level of service. They were extremely pleasent. Just genuinely pleasant people. My auxiliary back window lock was firmly closed at my Fords New Jersey company. I called and the guy on the phone said they would be here in no more than 3 and a half hours. They came around 15 minutes later and repaired the problem in just about 30 minutes! (Hattie K. Fords )
I am wonderfully pleased and will suggest to anybody ! speedy, helpful attitude and no more pricey than other locksmith. @ Etta F., Fords NJ
Called for an urgent service when I lost my 2003 Hyundai Sonata keys !! Abdul was truly wonderful and offered a within reason price. He truly makes an effort to help and it without any doubt shows. Abdul also got me an authentic key from the dealer that no other Fords locksmith could. I would propose Pop Locks Fords for any car locksmith service, immediate or not. Thanks !!!!! (Ivan X. Fords )